Which North American Skiers Should Ski in Europe?

France is the same , here in Amsterdam there is diversity.
More diversity in big cities, but we found Thai in Moutiers this year. We eat at a lot of Asian restaurants in SoCal, and most North American ski towns have them. I'd say that's our only complaint about what's sometimes missing in the Alps.
Italian / regional food.
Pasta menus nearly always have vegetarian options.
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Please excuse my whinging.
These somewhat make up for the vege difficulties I experience. I can’t believe they’re only 1.40 Euro in world class ski resorts. I’d happily pay 5 Euro.

And in the towns.

Maybe the purpose-built French resorts can be more lacking since their summer/shoulder season business is a lot less.

Austria and Switzerland resorts can be a bit monotonous ingredient-wise, but those near the Italian border are generally better.

Chamonix, Zermatt, and, to a lesser extent, Val d'Isere have everything. In Courmayeur, there were self-service cafeterias with a vegetable anti-pasta bar and salad bars, similar to those in Val d'Isere.

It's easy to find a protein (chicken, fish, meat) - just a little more challenging to find a vegetable than a starch.