Wildcat, Nh, 4-14-11


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I skied Wildcat today for my 3rd day on snow this year and my 7th day on snow in 2 years :shock: ](*,) :roll: ....
It was a classic wildcat april day which had me guessing correctly....the 3 and 1 2 hour drive up at 5 am had some anxious moments but my gut was right and the clouds parted around 9 and a true blue bird day was had ... Starr line was lost in the last week but lift lion( great tight lines in the middle sections ) was loaded up and skied really well...the runs of the day were basically 2.. lift lion to panther ( very little coverage left so the moguls were tiny ) and lift lion to cutover to catenary.... tomcat schuss is gone and all of skiers left was flat....panther is taking a pretty good hit and probably will be done after the weekend....it appears cat and it's new corporate owners are shutting it down this weekend and will open back up for weekends if they can....
it would appear , and these are just my observations, that considering this was a relatively cool spring, that cat seems to not have fared well in terms of snowpack... now i don't know if it 's that they didn't blow as much , as one would expect with a corporate ownership and a bad economy, or if the claims of above average natural snowfall were not accurate or odd weather patterns during the winter or what ever ... it just seemed to me as a former member of the april at cat club , that i remember a lot more coverage at this point than they currently have..
in any event it was a great day .. i was solo and turned them relatively well considering my time on snow the last 2 years....it made me remember how much i miss bump skiing... it also made me realize how much my skills are starting to diminish... :roll: ...moguls are no joke ....once you pass 35 and you lay off , you lose it real fast , that's for sure...it'll always be there though...there is just something about bumps that gets to some people and doesn't let go... the canadian freestyle team, who take bumping a lot more serious than we do in the states , just put out this video ....pretty much says it all for me...80 percent of the footage was shot at john smarts mogul camp in the summer, where i used to be every year from 01 to 08...will always be special to me

http://www.freestyleski.com/en/index.ph ... ul-skiing/
I'm curious also. For bump skiing Mary Jane is the most famous, but I'm reminded in recent Colorado travels that Vail and Ajax are also must see mountains for joegm. Pallavicini at A-Basin can be a steeper version, though it was more windbuff and windsift last week.