Wintergreen VA 2/11-13


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Wintergreen was the best I've ever skied it (and I'm there almost every weekend). After the big january warm up they've been making snow non-stop for the past 4 days (haven't gotten above freezing) and everything but lowercliffhanger and half of turkey shoot was open.

On Saturday about 5-6 inches of fresh fluffy light snow fell. The visibility was pretty bad, depending on the time of the day at the top of mountain less than 15 ft (you couldn't see the chair in front of you) but the snow made up for it. In a side note, most of the people that ski wintergreen are not used to real snow and don't know how to ski bumps in general - especially non slushy non icy ones. The whole highlands bumped up fast, and combine that with not being able to see them because of the visibility unless you were a really solid carver and bump skier and stayed loose so when you hit an unexpected one you kept your balance you ate alot of snow. There were alot of people eating alot of snow (er I assume, it was so hard to see I only saw a few...).

Sunday was perfect. The fog had lifted, they got another 5-6 inches overnight (groomed alot of it but there were still some awesome stashes). The sun was out and the sky was blue. The snow quality was perfect powder/ packed powder. Finding an ice patch took searching. And to top it off I was on the schedule (I teach adapative there) and my morning student was really just a ski buddy so we were able to fly down the highlands no problem, and same with the afternoon. Talk about luck!