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    STOWE prices: Fraud, Ripoff, or Are They Ever Worth It?

    Here it also depends on how well other skiers at your mountain know it. I know MRG extremely well and know where to find the fresh powder there even days after a storm. But you have to know MRG extremely well for this because so many of the regular skiers there also know it really well. Jay...
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    Calling Powderfreak!!! :-)

    Yes! Any insight would be appreciated -- am wondering whether to take a trip and ski Sunday/Monday.
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    Doug Coombs dies in avalanche

    From that link I posted: La Grave, France 16:45 April 3, 2006 Christina Blomquist, Doug Coombs, Chad Vanderham, and I, descended from the top of the Telepherique de la Meije to ski the ?Le Polichinelle? Couloir. This route maintains an average steepness of 40-45 degrees through a series of...
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    Doug Coombs dies in avalanche

    Wow. This is very sad. Apparently not an avalanche...he died attempting to help another skier who had fallen off a cliff:
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    Jay and Big Jay, 3/24, w/pics. The fat lady is coming...

    So I was also at Jay on 3/24 though I didn't know other FTOers were there. I didn't spend that much time at the resort -- just a couple runs in the glades in the morning to warm up. Snow was already very soft and wet -- definitely slushy conditions, with lots of rocks and stumps to be found...
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    Jay Peak 3/24. Followup from Riverc0il's report

    Didn't realize that you and rivercoil were going to be at Jay yesterday...I was also there although a big part of my day was spent over at Big Jay. Lots of slush everywhere! I'll post my own report later tonight (with pictures, awf!).
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    Jay 03/22/06, Stowe 03/23/06

    Scott, I generally agree with your arguments about resort snow reports. I have no problem with them seeing the glass half full, and certainly expect to have to read between the lines when reading resort reports. But that said, Jay has an annoying tendency to outright lie. I mean lie in the...
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    Mad River closing already?

    The other shoe has dropped. Mad River isn't opening this weekend either, and is unlikely to open again at all. The earliest closing I can remember. Kudos to them for working out a significant discount at Jay for the rest of the year though ($29 lift tickets there with a mad card or MRG...
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    Mad River closing already?

    Good news!!! They might not even open this weekend! Or at all for the rest of the season! That's fantastic! I'm so depressed.
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    Mad River closing already?

    Yeah it would have been a lot nicer if they had posted some long message explaining the situation rather than "we had a great weekend of skiing, the base is holding up well, we'll be closed this week, will probably open next weekend." Huh??? What's anyone supposed to make of that?
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    Mad River closing already?

    Thanks maggie and slatham for the reports. Hard as it is to believe, it sounds like the great snow+base that we skied a week ago really has managed to mostly melt away. Guess my previous good opinion of MRG will have to stay that way. I suppose it's good to hear that mad river isn't closing...
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    Mad River closing already?

    I love how gift cards charge you interest. Let's see: I loan you $50, and YOU charge ME interest? But anyway, unfortunately the mad card isn't really a gift card -- it's more like a limited season pass, since you're buying skiing early at a big discount. It's not like you just gave the...
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    Mad River closing already?

    I know mad river doesn't really get anyone skiing there midweek, and those that do all have passes, so I'm sure that finances are a big part of this decision. But knowing a ski area is likely to pull this kind of stuff in early March does make me think hard about getting a season pass at Jay or...
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    Mad River closing already?

    Was hoping to go up to MRG for some sunday/monday skiing...avoiding at least half the telefest nonsense. What do I see but that they're closing midweek ALREADY? They say they'll be open next weekend, but still, BOO! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I know mad river came...
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    MRG, March 4, 2006

    So this report is a little late but thought that some might find it useful. I went up to MRG to enjoy the fruits of the storm last weekend. So did a lot of people. The place was crowded with generally 20-30 minute liftlines. The on-piste skiing was decent but not great, despite the new snow...