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    Kite boarding: Anyone?

    While the last thing I need is another expensive hobby, a guy I know that runs a shop in durango has gotten really into kite boarding and was peaking my interest. The nice thing is that you can get kites that work for both winter snowboarding and summer wakeboarding. Anyone ever done it? If...
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    Crested Butte 3-18-06

    Nice tele turns :D Great to see your dog hanging. I used to take my pup with me alot too, but he's 12 now. Last time I took him out he was in bad shape for a few days, way too hard on his joints, but the poor fella never gave me a hint he was suffering. I think his bc days are numbered now...
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    Silverton Unguided: ???

    The low down.... I'm currently up in the San Juans and we are still getting it, had a great pow day at Wolf on Sunday. Taking today off and letting the snow refill to chase more freshies tomorrow. :D :D :D My whole season has done a 180 the last two weeks, nothin but pow pow pow. I was...
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    Silverton Unguided: ???

    OK, Silverton is going unguided March31... As most of you probably know the 4 corners area has been getting pounded. 100" storm tatal at wolf creek and the rest of the region is not far behind. (I finally got me some freshies :D :D :D) But on the Siverton front this all is starting to sound...
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    Taos Snow, Wine Fest, & Specials

    The southwest is having the worst snow year I can remember.... I was out of the area in 99/00, but returned that summer to watch the fires cause havoc. The snowpack around SF is non existent. Ski Santa Fe is reporting 5" from the last few storms, but the temps are so high that unless the storms...
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    Wolf Creek 1/2 price 1/22/06

    Local appreciation day is Sunday. All tix $23 dollars and no id required. Something around 2 feet reported from the last 2 storms. I was there last week and cover was good except in the trees, so it should be really nice now.
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    alta lodging (on the cheap)

    Is this due to low elevation? Seems like I remember something like that from another post.
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    Taos Snow, Wine Fest, & Specials

    ahh, thanks for the chance to practice a little poetic justice. Here's one snowboarder voting to ban the Toas freak! p.s. it's going to take a lot more than a foot to save your season. Bet your missing that extra local boarder income now :)
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    alta lodging (on the cheap)

    Curious what the drive time between Jackson and SLC is? I'm thinking of hitting SLC for my spring break and maybe J-hole too.
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    J-Hole 1/5 - 1/9/06

    Great report hamdog! Sounds like you had a stellar trip. Damn I miss college and getting to ride midweek after the X-mas holidays minus the crowds. I can't believe they wanted to pull your pass for cutting the terrain park rope to ask a few questions. The were probably worried you would trigger...
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    Silverton Mountain: 12/18/05

    Nice pics. Most of the terrain on the ridge toward the billboard was closed. i can't wait to get back and surf those lines. Shawn Farmer? Does he guide there? I was secretly hoping some famous shredder would be there, problem is I am so out of the loop I probably wouldn't know they were famous...
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    Silverton Mountain: 12/18/05

    I agree Tony, it seems logical to only have it in the spring. My guide suggested they might do some type of gated entry system and just really simple marking of obstacles with bamboo poles. Surely they are not going to allow solo skiers out there rocking the ipod? I really think maybe you should...
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    Moonlight Basin, MT 12/19/05

    OK, I've been staring at this photo for a few minutes thinking you were nuts and trying to figure out how the hell you dropped through that seam and wondering what was below. Then I read the caption. :D I knew you do some pretty extreme stuff, but I was thinking that's freaking ridiculous...