Laurentian Snow Report 2016/17

Warm weak is a understatement as eastern snowpack in free fall due to a February heat wave. Close to two feet of snow lost this week with high temps in the forecast tomorrow before a cool down Saturday night.
Has been been 21 days since the last day with mid winter snow ( packed powder , powder or tracked up powder ) . The last three weeks have been constant rain or a deep freeze with no new snow. Current snow pack now between 1 to 2 feet depending on where you take your measurements down from 5 feet . Temps now at - 21 C . This winter has had less than 30 days of winter type snow , the rest of the time it has been wet or frozen granular and ice . Looking to the south in northern vt the Mount Mansfield stake has gone from 102 inches to 67 inches dropping to a low of 60 inches before making a bit of a comeback . Just a few weeks to go for a chance of having a return of mid winter snow conditions before the spring temps settle in for good.
Tremblant closed for the season leaving leaving only MSSI spinning lifts on their huge snow machine base . Amazing how much machine made snow goes unused in the laurentians after being built up during the year. Skiing could carry on longer but the interest just isn't there to make it profitable .