Killington 5/19&20/03

Frank: yes, there are user accounts, and they have significant advantages. Click to visit <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> and scroll down to the December 8, 2001 system announcement for details. <BR> <BR>Kevin: you asked Frank about posting photos. In the blue menu tree to the left, under "Documentation" click on "Including Images" for detailed instructions. Note the max size of 40 Kb per image, so you may need to resize them using your image software, depending on how large you scanned them.
Marc: I printed out the instructions for formatting and tried out a few examples which worked for me. When I use the instuctions for image attachments all that I get on the screen is a box with YOUR IMAGE HERE but no prompt to upload an image. Am I making a mistake? I'll have to check the image sizes this evening before I attempt to post them.
You just have to click on : <I>Post this message</I> and you will reach a page where you'll have the choice to choose your pics.
oh... for the accounts, gonna see that this evening, thanx for the link <BR> <BR>response to patrick this evening too (longer)
Frank's advice is dead-on. Click to post, and you'll be prompted to upload the images within your browser.
sorry the above was just a test, I think i understand how to upload the images. Thanks to all for the advise.
(this is the kind of test that we did few times, Lftgly and me <IMG SRC="" ALT=":)">) <BR> <BR>I'm eager to see the pics. If you don't know how to make them smaller without lose too much quality, send me them and I'll post them. (I can also explain you some tips for reduce them if you're not used to that)
Patrick, for the pic of "june 1997" (on my may 16 report), I think it's probably more may 13, 1998 and not june 13, 1997. Why that. Look at the difference with my pics of june 17. There was no snow on the ground on the lower lower part. On the pic of 1998, there was still a ton of snow on the lower part. It's not in 4 days that all that can melt, believe me. So, it was probably may 13, 1998 or it was a totally false reference. <BR> <BR>The June 17 pics are from a 95% sure reference, but I don't remember where I took the 98' pic. It was really written that (june 13, 1998), but it was probably a mistake on the website... <BR> <BR>Congrats to all us for passing the 100 messages ! hahaha. The most incred is the quality of all those messages.
<IMG SRC="" ALT="1,Killington Peak October 2nd 1992">
<IMG SRC="" ALT="1,Killington Peak October 2nd 1992">
<IMG SRC="" ALT="Killington Peak October 2nd 1992">
<IMG SRC="" ALT="Upper Cascade"> <BR> <BR>Sorry for all of the mistakes and multiple posts <BR>but I have not done this before. These are three pictures from October 2nd 1992. I missed October 1st as I had class to attend at colledge(pesky teachers). I have pictures from October 1st 1993, but they will have to wait until the weekend.
<IMG SRC="" ALT="View of the valley from Killington Peak"> <BR> <BR>Here is one more picture taken on the way down from the peak in the afternoon. This is probably my most beautiful skiing picture. The fall color was simply amazing and it was hard to stay focused on skiing and even harder to believe I was skiing this early in the year.
Hey, thanks a lot for these super great looking pictures, Kevin !!! It's so true the color + snow pictures are incredible !! And you last pic is effectively famous !! <BR> <BR>I don't know if you've ever seen the Mad River Glen photo of the day of October 13, 2000. After 18" of powder on the mountain, it's one of the best pics I've seen yet (especially in big size). (I'm not able to not send it here lol) <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="" ALT="Mad River Glen OCTOBER 13, 2000"> <BR>I also have some pics with skier skiing MRG in powder over the boots, oct 11, 2000. At Le Massif du Sud, there was also few skiers, with also 18" of snow that week and an incredible pic at summit (this is it) <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="" ALT="Massif du Sud too, oct 9, 2000"> <BR>They kept this pic on their main webpage, not saying it was from <B>october 9</B>, and even during winter, it looked really good ! lol
Thank for the compliments on the pictures. The pictures from October 1st 1993 are even better with nicer fall foliage. Killington photographers <BR>made a postcard of that day with full foliage color and snow on cascade. I have these pictures at my parents house and I will get the albumn and post some this weekend. Killington acctually began making snow on September 24th 1992 on Double Dipper during the installation of the Canyon Quad. I really miss the days of early season skiing at Killington on Cascade.
Compared to Rime, how was the Upper Cascade. (about length / vertical / difficulty level & all) <BR> <BR>it's all little bit hard to figure just with pics <IMG SRC="" ALT=":(">
I have an older Killington trail map from 1988-89 <BR>that has the trails laid out on a topographical <BR>map. The summit elevation of the double chair was about 4188ft and the mid-staion at 3450ft for a vertical drop of 738ft. The top of the glades triple is at 4080 ft and the base at 3350ft for a vertical of 730ft (I hope I did all the figures correctly or I just know I'll catch hell)So the two were very similar in vertical drop. As for length, rime is 2,300 ft long and cascade is 3,687ft long. I like rime better for skiing because it is narrower and has more dips to it. <BR>Cascade has better views. My last time skiing killington in October was October 24th 1998, I just did not like the new arrangement of gondola and truck(it sucks!!!!) The old management usually did a snowmaking test and continued to open the next day to 36 hours later. This bull <BR>"blowing out the mice, making a little snow for propaganda" is very frustrating to see as the big K could have opened way earlier than as of late. <BR>I have 14 days in October at killington since 1987 <BR>and after a 4 yeer break its time to go back.
<IMG SRC="" ALT="17' base depth Superstar May 17th 1992"> <BR> <BR>One last picture for tonight, this one shows me on top of a snow mound at the summit of the Superstar express chair(with my skiing friend at the bottom) This mound must be 10' <BR>high and shows the real snowmaking commitment both early and late that is needed again. According to the charts posted on opening and closing at killington this was the first year of June skiing at Killington.