Harv's NY/VT Pictures Thread

Scottski and I pre-celebrated his birthday by pillaging in the Catskills. We partied like it was 1999.

On Sunday he came my way and laid down his cash to ski my mountain.


We'd seen pics of Ridge Run from Saturday, but still we were skeptical. Turns out it was awesome. I love the look of a ski trail that wasn't made with dynamite, and has never had snowmaking.


Ridge Run


After we had beers, went out to dinner and passed out early.

This morning we had coffee and bacon for breakfast, and then headed to his home hill, Hunter Mountain, it was my turn to pay.

I started following him first thing...


...and it continued all day...



Great day. Seemed like most of a foot up top.

Plattekill pics:

Hunter pics:
I always thought the architecture of the Hunter Lodge was pretty interesting. Not sure I love it, but always drawn to the wavey roof lines.

Glad the NE is finally getting some snow! When I saw the MRG single chair was closed a week or so ago in mid-January - bad winter...

So extremely rare to even have a shot to get the goods this year in the east. Glad you could storm chase as it were.

The key word is "construction." :icon-lol:
Well the slutzky's did own a construction business prior to owning a ski area. There certainly wouldn't be a ski area there if it weren't for bulldozers and dynamite!
Thanks for the feedback all. Scoring at Hunter is great because no matter how much NWS calls it, people always seem to surprised by it.

I named this thread "NY/VT" because that specifically is NYSB's mission. But I find myself looking more and more within New York, starting on our NY page when looking for snow.

The tail is wagging the dog.
There's a new glade at Titus, I wanted to check it out.

I waited for a Titus moment... when they get snow and everyone else... didn't.


Somewhere deep in NY


Bottom of Upper

It paid off. All trees were in play and the snow was quiet.


Three Trees


One of NINE beautiful Hall Lifts


Skied very nicely, I must say.


Titus sure isn't close to... well almost any Americans. Much closer if you live in Ottawa or Montreal, though they have better pitch-ed local areas.

Surprising how many ski areas are related to or very close to various mining/resource extraction operations. I demand a picture of the open pit mine at the base : ) (Though I forget what they mine there).

Great day for Plattekill on Sunday. Saturday was a bit of a loser with temps below zero during the day.

Sunday more than made up for it with a huge race event (2 days jammed into 1) and a monster day ticket crowd.

And hardly any lines all day, save for about 20 minutes when the double went down.

Sun came out around 2pm, and the snow was soft until the sun went down.

Sunday more than made up for it with a huge race event (2 days jammed into 1) and a monster day ticket crowd.
In a rough eastern season, that's the critical kind of day they need to survive financially.

Hoping the East has a decent Presidents weekend. Because by the time the calendar hits March you guys could get 20 feet of snow in the mid-Atlantic and it wouldn't make too much difference to skier numbers/financials for most areas...
Been a little thin for good pictures lately.

Did have a good weekend at Gore, against all odds.


Starting in the Yurt is always good, especially on a holiday. Booting up alone 20 mins before the lift spins


46er is the oldest double black at Gore, first skied from the top in 1946. A sweet view of town from the headwall.


Topridge was a place to be, one of them.

Really good skiing considering the rain and refreeze just 48 hours earlier.


US Skier visits almost tied the records from the banner 2008 and 2011 seasons in 2022 despite it not being that great a year. It's hard to believe the record won't be broken this season, though maybe not if the Northeast continues to suck.

The overall net increase per Kottke is coming entirely from the Rocky Mountain region. I agree with EMSC that the crowd crunch is at certain resorts. I also agree with ChrisC that it's more a locals than tourists issue.

We have benefited greatly from the Ikon and MCP + Mammoth MVP before that. But we're retired and not skiing weekends/holidays at resorts sensitive to that.
Interesting. Would you suggest that economic conditions might affect skier visitation? I would guess that tighter household budgets may be a factor next winter.