Harv's NY/VT Pictures Thread

I assume that the all-mountain rental was cancelled well in advance of the Weds storm. I wonder how much of a difference in revenue there is between a rental and a Powder Daize?
Not well in advance. I think the storm may have impacted the groups travel plans on Tuesday (speculation).

I can't say about the total net-net for the mountain, because F&B and rentals are a huge variable. But in terms of lift ticket sales, I believe the group gets 66% of the fee back for cancelling, mountain keeps 33%. At $88 a pop for tickets, with the "crowd" I saw, I think they made up that 66% (also speculation).

The other factor with a last minute cancel... staff is already lined up to work, solving a big issue with powderdaize, getting staff on board for a "non-scheduled" workday.
If 40 inches of snow have fallen we generally see that the trees are ready to ski. This assumes an "average" amount of rain or snow loss. Obviously you could have 40 inches of snow and bare ground.
:icon-e-surprised:The rule of thumb at Stowe from what I hear is a 40 inch base at the Mansfield stake.
Plattekill is rockier than Gore too. Gore is really smooth underneath.
It is standard operating procedure for many snowmaking dependent areas to hand pick rocks over the summer to allow skiing on an 18 inch or even lower base. But I'd say it would be really unusual for a ski area to be doing that in the woods. It's obvious at Big Bear where the trails are really smooth but the woods have a lot of deadfall, some big rocks and steep ravines that will become creeks if it rains.

The only other ungroomed place I've heard gets picked over for rocks is the Face of Bell at Aspen. I'd suspect the bowls at Sun Valley too.
EMSC said:

I do have to say, never thought there would be a detailed discussion of tiny NY places like this on FTO!

My criteria for "Is an area worth skiing?" are:
1) Close to or over 1,000 vertical
2) Enough pitch that you can ski on a big powder day.

Gore and Plattekill clearly qualify. I get the impression among eastern skiers that there is sharp division of opinion about Gore vs. Whiteface. I've probably been influenced by Patrick and Liz both being firmly in the Whiteface camp.
Wednesday was quite a day, Plattekill's first Powderdaize since 2021. Looked like about 30 inches of snow and the hounds were out.


Cripplin lift lines at open, must have waited at least 5 minutes


The work we've done over the years paid off


Gore peeps in the house


Eventually we made it out into the sidecountry

Here's my tale, if you feel like helping me pay off my pass drop a comment underneath the post. 🤠

Monday was the day to ski Belleayre. It was obvious from outer space. So obvious that even @jamesdeluxe came.

At first chair there was talk of trees...


Groomers were exquisite.


We did actually ski some trees


But the biggest smiles were on the trails...


Story here:

Plattekill's closing day was Saturday and it was just about everything I love about Plattekill.

I got to the hill a little too early for a spring day (maybe) but what does that really mean? I was home, at a place I love.

For me, and any diehard Plattekill skier, the view from the parking lot was inspiring to behold:


I counted at least six ways down from the top (T2B).

First chair on the double (North) side was a bit scratchy, but after one run, the triple/sunny side was open and it was good. (Hold your tongue J/J!)


First Chair




Roman on Northface

Ran into Laz at the top of Northface around 3:30. He was skiing with John Vas (former Mtn Mgr of Campgaw) a very cool guy from what I could tell.

Some changes coming to Plattekill, they are hoping to expand the team to include a GM of sorts, someone to allow Laz and Danielle and the boys more freedom during the season. Normally the hit Jay or someplace after the season ends, but this year they did LCC mid-season (Pow Mow, Bird and Alta) and absolutely loved it. Heir apparent son Matt said "hey they start making snow here in October, I could work here two months and then be home in time for the season!"

More about closing day here:

A few questions:
  • Have Laszlo and Danielle passed the 30-year point as owners?
  • Are they adding snowmaking for the coming season?
  • Did they do as well this winter as during COVID?
  • Do they use the lift for weekend mtb during the summer?
I haven't skied in almost 2 weeks courtesy covid. Before that I had an awesome two day birthday ski.

My last season without snowtires and Laz told me I could sleep in the lodge to avoid driving in the storm....


Plattekill at "sunrise"


Riley earned first tracks


Scott and Dean


Marcski on Freefall


Scott on Twist




Route 30 is the powder highway

...overnighted at Scott's house and skied Belle the next day, Monday, my actual B'day


Armon came down from Gore to ski with me



End of the day I hiked to Cathedral Brook, some sweet abandoned terrain without snowmaking


FKNA Cathedral Brook


Ripitz Rips

The full tale:

Hickory Ski Center opened for the first time in eight years this weekend. It was memorable...


Ian and Anna of Magoo Films


View from top of Poma 1


Top Notch




It snowed all afternoon


Ian filming


Climbing Ridge Run


Skiing Winfall

Story here...

Love those large-format Hickory pix! Similar to late, lamented Bobcat in the Catskills, it's a perfect example of an obscure but excellent northeastern U.S. ski hill -- one that would have never opened after the early 70s. Even though the lodge is clearly a callback to 50s ski architecture, it looks virtually new from all the volunteer efforts.

Here's to hoping they hook an even deeper-pocketed angel investor who doesn't mind an upside-down bottom line.
I used to love warming up by the huge indoor fire pits that many NY ski areas (at the time) had back in the 70's. Traditional is an understatement - No back rests, just wood, concrete and a metal railing to lean on as you warm up. Ironically dramatically easier to get those lifts back up and running since none of them are chairlifts.

Tough gig for that locale. West is just so much more convenient for the average Glens Falls or Albany skier for quick laps... Or Gore/Whiteface for anytime you want bigger mtn skiing.