Harv's NY/VT Pictures Thread

Some of my pics from Friday at Plattekill. Fridays at Plattekill are awesome.


Ridge Run


Instructor Rich


Jason on Cliff


Little front side


Dean and Jason


Back in for a ski change, adding some rocker was key


Dean goes all terrain with rock skis


Low angle was the way, best skiing was in the mellow trees above Overlook






More pics and text:

By noon everything is getting pretty skied/ boarded off...that damn rain Saturday really mucked things up. Even with almost 2 feet in the last week..it was too light to stick. But...it's deep enough in many places that you can float through the ice bumps.
We need a good 6 inches of heavy snow...and no friggin rain to get the most out of this.
I think this season I have skied 60 days of every condition possible...and my ski bases look like it!
Last Saturday afternoon. Spring skiing at the bush..then it started pouring..then super froze that night.
Been hitting it all week at Stowe. Even 2 feet can't cover it..by noon everything is pretty sporty.
I skied Snow Ridge Saturday, they opened the North Chair, for the first time since the tornado.

In August all five lifts were damaged by an EF-3 and the North was the final lift to be certified by NY, on Thursday last week. It was quite an effort with the owner family, employees, volunteers and other ski areas all chipping in to help.


Silver Glades


More North Side Trees


Tip toe through the tulips


Snow Pocket, upper groomed section







Tiff on Black River

My story:


Is this Middle or Upper Goat? It looks a bit wide for Goat so that I might guess Middle. It does have a nasty double fall-line in places.

5th pic goat....huge ice moguls lurking about..
Pretty much all the front 4 are composed of them.

Isn't that practically the normal season in New England? Great skiing when the glades/steeps at Jay/Stowe/MRG/Sugarbush open for 1-2 weeks....until the inevitable thaw/freeze happens to create the rock base, which is always a struggle to resurface.

Sometimes, waiting for the next thaw/Spring Day to ski some soft snow is best.
Middle goat..upper would have been deadly..
Goat hasnt been good much at all.
2 Saturdays ago it was super warm..then rain..then hard freeze.
It was good early season though.all the front 4 were great.
Need at least a foot of dense snow to cover now..
Last night Stowe Mountain Rescue was involved in the search and recovery of a young man who died in a tragic skiing accident in backcountry terrain

Sad and very rare in the East.

Does Killington still have those old school signs on chairlifts "These mountains will be as cold and dark as they were 10,000 years ago... etc..."

Looks like he skied off a cliff?! Skier’s left of Chin Clip/Gondola?

Stowe has legitimate side or backcountry terrain.

Still trying to figure out what was going on at Killington in January. It’s woods are quite dense.

The Boston.com article references Snowshed Peak???!!!