Harv's NY/VT Pictures Thread

Stowe..still holding up...better than SB...a bit Foggy today.
What some of stowes glades look like now..I passed.
They were covered with a huge amount of rime in jan...a lot of downed trees,limbs,branches. This season I spent the least amount of time in there.
Gore was excellent yesterday. It took some hunting, but we found a ton of great, untracked skiing.

Up top the snow was consistent and very skiable.

More amazing is how the snow changed once it stopped snowing and the sun came out...within minutes it turned into semi cement. The woods were fine but skiing out of them to the lift got unpleasant fast.
It's freezing out there now as I contemplate what to do today.
Low altitude and high humidity will do that as I noticed my one day at Stowe in March 2003. The next day at Mad River was like May/June at Mammoth.
Yesterday and today far exceeded almost anything..powder wise I did at park city a few weeks ago. The woods at Stowe and paradise at sugarbush were knee deep.
The woods at pc were pretty much mogul fields with trees. Not that it wasn't good..this was better. Obviously terrain wise PC outdoes both.
Off to snowmass now for a week...
Right when we are going to get 12 to 18 inches here.....
Colorado is supposed to get 10-20 Sunday-Wednesday. We might ski Snowmass Thursday, last ski day of our road trip.