How do I receive your RSS news feed?

Enter the following address in the RSS/news aggregator of your choice:

If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you have a standalone RSS aggregator already built into Windows. Simply visit or click on the little orange RSS icon in the Internet Explorer browser toolbar. On the resulting page you’ll see a “Subscribe to this feed” link. That saves First Tracks!! Online to your news feeds in your Favorites center, accessible by clicking the star in the toolbar or by typing Alt+C. By clicking on “View feed properties” you can select the frequency at which Internet Explorer checks for new stories.

Note that this feature is only available in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later — versions 6 and earlier do not have this feature. Click here if you wish to upgrade.

Firefox users can use the browser’s Live Bookmarks feature to enable RSS delivery – click on the little orange RSS icon in the address bar to add the Live Bookmark to the bookmarks folder of your choosing. The latest First Tracks!! Online stories will then always be available expanded from that bookmark. For frequent readers, you can even save it to your Bookmarks Toolbar for quick and easy access.

For email client software, users of Microsoft Outlook can use Attensa for Outlook to receive RSS content right in Outlook. Users of Mozilla Thunderbird will find RSS functionality built right into their email client.

Web-based aggregators include such familiar sites as My Yahoo! and My MSN, as well as specific news aggregators such as Bloglines.