Whether it’s a Ski Map for Google Earth, our Android app or lost archives, below you’ll find a list of free downloads from First Tracks!! Online!

World Ski Map for Google Earth

Download this file to display the locations of nearly 2,000 worldwide ski and snowboard areas in Google Earth. (Map updated Sept. 2022.)

First Tracks!! Online for Android

First Tracks!! Online for Android is our first smartphone app! We’ve always delivered “The ski and snowboard world at your keyboard,” now get the ski and snowboard world on your Android device!

First Tracks!! Online for Android delivers our latest news stories and feature articles to right to your Android smartphone or tablet in an easy to view format. Optional notifications alert you when new stories are published. Automatically fetch new articles or retrieve them manually. Share your favorite stories with your friends via email or social media. There’s no better way to bring ski and snowboard news with you on the go! And best of all, it’s free!

Download from the Google Play Store:

Liftlines Archives 1999-2004

In 2004 when we switched forum software all posts from 1999-2004 were removed. This is a local copy for those who wish to preserve those conversations.

First Tracks!! Online Media Kit

Interested in advertising with us? Download our media kit!

The ski and snowboard world at your keyboard