Shredded Moosearella. (photo: FTO/Martin Griff)

Plattekill Moose Gets Fat Boy Skis

Roxbury, NY – The wooden moose mounted over the stairway leading to the base lodge bar at Plattekill Mountain in New York’s Catskill region has been fitted with a pair of Atomic Fat Boy skis.  Platty owner Laszlo Vajtay was so excited to fill us in on this milestone that he neglected to deal with a cowlick (mooselick?) that drove me nuts as I edited the accompanying video.

Plattekill is a true mom ‘n pop operation, and Laszlo, who runs the 38-trail,1,100-vertical foot ski mountain with his wife Danielle and two sons, traveled south last season to rescue the four legged Bullwinkle cousin from a New Jersey style landfill-bound afterlife.

After a contest conducted on Facebook, the moose was named Shredded Moosearella, a play on the words Shredded Mozzarella, one of Plattekill’s blue-rated trails.

Shredded Moosearella. (photo: FTO/Martin Griff)
Shredded Moosearella. (photo: FTO/Martin Griff)

Shredded Moosearella, or Platty Moose for short, stood guard over the liquid refreshments throughout last year’s NFL post season, wearing one of the competing team jerseys each week.  The same deal is planned for this season and because one of the Vajtay sons is a big Steelers fan, Laszlo is hoping to get a lot more use out of Moosearella’s gold and black jersey.

And speaking of jerseys, Jersey-based Ski Barn owner Ray Fallon has donated a pair of classic Atomic Fat Boys along with two pairs of boots and bindings so that Shredded Moosearella will have a proper ski lodge look.

It’s a tight fit above the stairway, and because his rear passenger side hoof sits close to the wall there is no room for a back binding on that leg, meaning Shredded Moosearella will be a one-quarter telemark skier.

Free the heel, enjoy the video and ignore the cowlick.

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