Sno Comp Ski Sock from Dahlgren a True Winner

Salt Lake City, UT – Many skiers overlook the importance of the right sock. With the wall of your favorite ski shop adorned with seemingly countless choices it’s all too easy to simply grab a pair and go. But experts know that the sock forms an all important link in the chain of transmission of energy from foot to the ski, and provides feedback from the ski to the foot.

For that reason, advanced skiers typically choose the thinnest ski sock possible. A slender form-fitting design is essential to eliminate any bunching that would cause discomfort. But the sock also needs to keep the foot adequately warm. And in the event that the foot becomes too warm, the sock needs to effectively transport moisture away from the foot because a dry foot is a warm foot. In our testing the lightweight Sno Comp from Dahlgren ($20) met all of those objectives and more.

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The Sno Comp from Dahlgren comes in men’s (left) and women’s styles.
(image: Dahlgren Footwear)

These Dahlgen socks have a dense flat weave of soft, fine alpaca and merino wool in the toe and heel to eliminate pressure points and keep bulk to a minimum. Alpaca has 10 times the insulating qualities of wool and is three times more durable than worsted wool.

Anatomical fit, in our opinion, is second to none, especially in the heel area where a unique Y-shaped pattern follows the curve of the foot like no sock we’ve ever previously tested. Flat seams further reduce the opportunity for pressure points. There is no cushioning anywhere to impact energy transmission and the performance feel.

Dahlgren has developed its Dri-Stride system of wickspun acrylic and nylon in the instep area to implement specific zones to transport moisture away from the foot and evaporate moisture from an area above the foot. Rings and channels woven around the mid-foot move it away. Even with their light weight these socks were plenty warm when tested this week in below-zero conditions.

The Sno Comp sock is available in ski shops nationwide or directly from the manufacturer. We have a new favorite in our sock drawer.

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