K2's 2012-13 Rolling Stones 102 (photo: K2 Skis)

K2 Reveals Remaining Skis Honoring The Rolling Stones

Seattle, WA – Named the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time” by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Rolling Stones and merchandising company Bravado have partnered with K2 Skis to offer a commemorative collection of skis.  Since 1962, The Rolling Stones have earned their respected eminence in rock n’ roll while K2 has earned the same in skiing.  As they each celebrate their 50th anniversaries in 2012, The Rolling Stones and K2 have now revealed the last two exclusive Rolling Stone K2 Limited Edition Skis.

K2's 2012-13 Rolling Stones 102 (photo: K2 Skis)
K2’s 2012-13 Rolling Stones 102 (photo: K2 Skis)

Following the first two Rolling Stones K2 SideShow and SideStash skis released last winter, the newly unveiled K2 Rolling Stones Recoil (number 3) and 102 (number 4) skis will be released in October and December, respectively.  All four skis in the collection will be sold globally at select authorized K2 Dealers.  The first two skis in the collection don a collage-like top sheet embodying artwork and graphics central to the band’s prolific history, while the graphics on the final two skis are inspired by poster art from the band.

“As K2 turns 50-years-old, it has been impressive to look back on the last five decades and reflect on all the innovation, culture and change that has evolved in the ski industry,” said K2’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Jeff Mechura.  “The K2 Rolling Stones ski collection is the perfect tribute to the last 50 years as well as an emblem to inspire another 50 more.”

The final K2 Rolling Stone skis will be available on the versatile K2 Recoil and 102 twin tip chassis, both featuring K2’s All-Terrain rocker baseline technology designed for all ability levels in any snow conditions and twin tech sidewall construction for increased durability.  The Rolling Stones 102 ski bears wider dimensions than the Recoil, rounding out the collection with more options to match individual skier preferences.

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