A center pole chairlift at Sunlight (file photo: Sunlight Mountain Resort)

Lawsuit Filed Over Ski Lift Incident at Sunlight

Glenwood Springs, CO – A San Diego, Calif. couple have sued Sunlight Mountain Resort in Colorado over a ski lift incident in 2012 that left the wife injured.

According to the complaint filed on Dec. 9 in United States District Court, Sally Rumpf, a program director with the nonprofit South Bay Community Services in San Diego, and her husband Louis Rumpf were hurried to the loading area of a Sunlight center pole chairlift on Dec. 27, 2012 by the ski area’s lift personnel. Sally Rumpf indicates that the center pole struck her left shoulder and possibly her head, causing her to mis-load the chair. As she hung from the chair by her right hand, the lawsuit contends that Rumpf’s body collided with snow on the ground, causing her to fall from the chair.

A center pole chairlift at Sunlight (file photo: Sunlight Mountain Resort)
A center pole chairlift at Sunlight (file photo: Sunlight Mountain Resort)

The Rumpfs’ attorneys with the Dallas, Tex. lawfirm of Stromberg Stock indicate that Sally Rumpf suffered several fractures to her scapula, which they contend have caused permanent damage and “constant severe pain.” The lawsuit seeks at least $16,000 in lost earnings, $77,000 in medical expenses and unstated general damages. It includes a loss of consortium claim for loss of spousal affection and services filed by Louis Rumpf.

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The lawsuit describes the couple as “capable and responsible” skiers.

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  1. “The lawsuit describes the couple as “capable and responsible” skiers.” If so, then Sally should be responsible for her own actions. Why blame the liftie for hurrying you? If you are not ready, then don’t proceed. If you feel that you can’t get on, step aside and let the chair pass. Very easy to do since it was a center post chair and not a six pack.
    There are a few holes in this story that need to be filled. Was the damage to her shoulder from the chair or from her fall from same? She was not sure the chair hit her head. Really? Damage to your helmet? I assume you had one since you are a responsible skier.
    Nope not my fault, so I am going to sue you!

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