(file photo: NSAA)

Alaska Ski Train Tickets Go on Sale Today

Anchorage, AK – Purchasers will have to wait until March to climb aboard, but tickets to Alaska’s popular Ski Train will go on sale today to Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage (NSAA) members, continuing a 40-year tradition. The general public will get their crack at any remaining seats next month.

Tickets for the rail ride chartered from the Alaska Railroad Corp. will cost $135 for NSAA members and $170 for non-members, although membership prices start at the $35 difference. Any remaining tickets go on sale for non-NSAA members on November 7.

(file photo: NSAA)
(file photo: NSAA)

The train runs from Anchorage to the historic village of Curry, 10 miles north of Talkeetna and only accessible by rail, for a day of cross-country skiing. Tickets usually sell out quickly, so participants are urged to make their purchase as soon as possible. Passenger cars are designated with themes, including polka, family friendly, wine-and-cheese car, DJ and quiet zone cars. Early purchasers get their pick.

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For more information, visit www.anchoragenordicski.com/ski_train_details.htm.

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