Crabbe Mountain (photo: bwilly11)

Crabbe Mountain Sold

Central Hainesville (NB), Canada – Ski Wentworth has sold Crabbe Mountain ski area near Fredericton to a group of local investors comprised of local business leaders and avid skiers.

Nova Scotia-based Ski Wentworth put Crabbe Mountain on the block this past spring. The sale price of Crabbe Mountain was not disclosed.

Crabbe Mountain (photo: bwilly11)
Crabbe Mountain (photo: bwilly11)

“This is an exciting new chapter in the history of Crabbe Mountain,” said Leslie Wilson, the mountain’s former owner and ski area president. “After 25 years of operation, it was time for a new group of local ski enthusiasts to take the reins and guide Crabbe into the future. Crabbe has always been an amazing mountain with lots of potential for growth. The mountain’s future is in good hands.”

Despite rumors of the ski area’s demise circulating over the summer, the transaction makes ski operations this winter at Crabbe Mountain now appear likely. As if to confirm, Crabbe Mountain is now selling season passes for the coming winter.

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“We are ecstatic to finally be able to tell everyone that we are firing up the lifts this winter…to steer Crabbe’s future into a new era of growth,” said Jordan Cheney, Crabbe Mountain’s operations manager.

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