This winter will be the last for Sundance's Arrowhead triple chairlift. (file photo: FTO/Marc Guido)

Sundance to Replace Aging Arrowhead Lift

Sundance, UT – Built in 1985 and having served hundreds of thousands of skiers, snowboarders and resort guests over the past 30 years, Utah’s Sundance Mountain Resort will retire its Arrowhead Lift next summer. A brand new lift will be installed to improve its efficiency.

Sundance’s newest lift will increase capacity with the ability to move 500 more passengers uphill per hour. Part of this capacity increase comes from upgrading the lift from its current triple chair configuration to a quad.

With a downhill capacity increase of 50 percent (475 guests per hour), the new lift will also improve Sundance’s summer operations to and from its Bearclaw Cabin and flow to the new Sundance ZipTour. Guests will also enjoy new safety bars with foot rests along with improved loading and unloading, making it much easier for beginner skiers and snowboarders and summer guests on foot to use the lift.

“With the amount of use Arrowhead Lift sees year-round, this upgrade is exciting to the skiing, snowboarding, ZipTour and summer programs that our guests love so much at Sundance,” says Czar Johnson, director of mountain operations.

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This winter will be the last for Sundance's Arrowhead triple chairlift. (file photo: FTO/Marc Guido)
This winter will be the last for Sundance’s Arrowhead triple chairlift. (file photo: FTO/Marc Guido)

In keeping with Sundance’s priority of environmental stewardship and conservation, this new lift will be placed along the existing lift route and re-use some of the current lift poles to minimize the amount of new construction and need to cut down trees.

“I am excited about this new improvement at Sundance,” says General Manager Chad Linebaugh. “Sundance is constantly looking at ways to elevate the amenities and services we offer our guests, and this new lift is just one part of an ongoing improvement project for our beautiful resort.”

Sundance’s new lift project is scheduled to start late summer with a projected completion in time for opening day of the winter season in 2016.

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