Blizzard Unveils New Line of Front-Side Skis

West Lebanon, N.H. – If you’re into railing deep turns down groomers at mach speed, a new line of skis unveiled today by Blizzard should catch your interest. And unlike other new ski announcements, these sticks will be available at U.S. retail in a few days on Feb. 1.

“We challenged our engineers to design and manufacture a product that was the complete expression of their capabilities. We specifically asked them to address the front side skier experience with a product that provides the ultimate high performance ride. Blizzard Quattro is the result of their efforts,” explains Jed Duke, Director of Product Marketing, Blizzard Sport USA.

The new Blizzard Quattro line is based on the company’s full wood core Sandwich Sidewall IQ technology, in which key materials are blended to give the ski its desired characteristics. Some models include a IQ Sandwich Compound Sidewall, while others a partial sidewall. The patented Blizzard IQ technology fuses the ski body and the binding interface with a single screw for a feeling of precision and stability while dampening vibration and allowing the ski to flex naturally. The Blizzard Quattro shape concept is available in different sidecuts, waist widths and model sizes so skiers can match the ski’s precision and agility to their own technique. The skis also feature varying degrees of rocker, as the amount of rocker is a fundamental parameter that influences the agility and control behavior of a modern carving ski.

Blizzard's new Quattro RX (photo: Blizzard Sports)
Blizzard’s new Quattro RX (photo: Blizzard Sports)

This all leads to stability, precision, agility, and control, Blizzard officials indicate.

“It’s all in the details, through innovation and technology and how we blend the two is what sets us apart from our competitors,” Duke says. “When you look at the worlds finest anything —the final step in making it the best are the details. We execute the technologies and put them together in a way to improve each individual skier’s experience.”

Blizzard’s new Quattro line comes in 16 different flavors, six of which are built specifically for women, ranging in price from $480 to $1,320. Top of the line for men are the RS (120-72-104, and in lengths 153-181 cm), and the RX (129-84-113), which adds 2mm of tip and tail rocker. The two top women’s models, the the 7.4 Ti and 8.0 Ti, both feature 4mm of tip and tail rocker and a bamboo core to decrease weight.

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