Snow sculpture in Ottawa, Canada (file photo: QUOI Media Group)

Carve Tahoe to Transform Snow Into Art

North Lake Tahoe, CA/NV – Prestigious snow carvers from around the world will call North Lake Tahoe home Feb. 8-12, 2013 for the region’s first-ever Carve Tahoe competition, with the judging take place Feb. 13.

The weeklong international snow sculpture contest is specifically geared for spectators who will view firsthand 20-ton blocks of pure snow shaped and carved into breathtaking masterpieces. The competing teams are the best of the best – selected from the event’s top applicants and representing more than 20 countries. Lawrence Nobel, the lead judge of Carve Tahoe, is an award-winning sculptor and illustrator who previously designed a Gold Medal for the 1984 Olympics and created George Lucas’ Yoda Sculpture in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Snow sculpture in Ottawa, Canada (file photo: QUOI Media Group)
Snow sculpture in Ottawa, Canada (file photo: QUOI Media Group)

“This is a unique opportunity to introduce our visitors and local residents to the extreme and rugged art challenge of snow sculpting at a destination that celebrates all things snow,” said Chief Marketing Officer Andy Chapman of the North Lake Tahoe Chamber/CVB/Resort Association. “We are proud to host these illustrious and celebrated carvers in North Lake Tahoe.”

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Northstar California Resort is also eager to present the first Carve Tahoe.

“We’re thrilled to host Carve Tahoe at Northstar this winter,” said the ski resort’s Director of Village and Base Area Operations, Nadia Guerriero. “The Village at Northstar is an ideal location to showcase these incredible snow sculptures. Our guests are going to love watching the snow come to life in such a unique way, and seeing the work of these talented artists in person.”

While the highlight of Carve Tahoe is the talent and skill of the carvers from Finland, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada and the United States, charitable donations also play a key role. According to event organizers, every dollar donated per spectator per vote will go directly to a local non-profit.

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