(file photo: Brookvale Provincial Ski Park)

Canadian Ski Area Makes Helmet Use Mandatory for All

Brookvale (PEI), Canada – While most North American skiers and riders now understand the benefits of a helmet, there remains a steadfast minority that refuses to wear one. Now one Canadian ski area has made helmet use mandatory on its slopes, not just for children, but for all.

Brookvale Provincial Ski Park on Prince Edward Island announced the new policy on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

(file photo: Brookvale Provincial Ski Park)
(file photo: Brookvale Provincial Ski Park)

“The use of helmets is now mandatory for all ski and snowboard participants at Brookvale Provincial Ski Park effective the 2016 season,” ski area officials wrote, adding that “Brookvale has invested in additional rental helmets to ensure guests who do not own a helmet will be able to enjoy the slopes.”

What do you think about Brookvale’s decision? Is this a smart move, or are they over-reaching? Sound off in our Comments section below.

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