Our pages are viewed regularly by 100,000 to 200,000 unique monthly users during winter with a 75% new visitation rate. Our page views top out at between one and two million per month during the season, and we’ve been in business since 1994, so we’re here to stay! You’ll reach a narrowly-targeted demographic of avid skiers and snowboarders, and our audience is global in scope, although concentrated in the U.S. and Canada. Google News uses First Tracks!! Online as a publisher source, bringing loads of new traffic to our magazine…and your advertising message…every day. Go2 Mobile publishes First Tracks!! Online ski news daily to millions of mobile phone users. Bring new visitors to your resort, sell more gear, or promote your company’s image — it’s all possible with First Tracks!! Online as your partner.

Prominent Placement for Maximum Visibility

Your advertising will appear on just about every page at First Tracks!! Online, thousands in all. Your ad receives the most prominent placement possible in your choice of a number of locations. We can customize your ad delivery to suit every need, and for those with a narrowly focused campaign geotargeting is available.


We offer you the choice and flexibility of three IAB standard-size ad programs to most effectively distribute your message: a 728×90 banner, a 300×250 medium rectangle or a 160×600 skyscraper. All are sold on a cost per one thousand impressions (CPM) basis.

Our 728x90 banner ad placement

Our 728×90 banner is delivered run-of-site, top-of-the-page — we guarantee that your ad will appear above all others.

Our 160x600 banner ad placement
300×250 spots appear within all of our news stories and on all page footers. 160x600s appear right alongside our content on all but our user forum pages. Rates vary based on market conditions dictated by competing ads, so you’ll always get the best value for your advertising dollar. Contact us to learn more and to price your campaign!


Manage Your Campaign

Advertisers receive regular reports confirming the success of their campaign. Receive these daily, weekly or monthly — you only need to let us know your desire. Track impressions, click-throughs, and more. Want to tweak things a bit? No problem! We can swap out your ad at will to promote events, sales, or special programs.

Let’s Chat!

We’d love to discuss these opportunities with you further. Contact one of our sales representatives to learn more:

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