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Snowbasin: Utah’s “Newest” Ski Resort

Huntsville, UT – Looming over the east side of Ogden, Utah, the city’s namesake peak rises roughly 4,000 feet above the bustling streets and avenues. On the far east side of Mt. Ogden, though, lies Snowbasin, Utah’s "newest" ski resort. n Snowbasin. (photo: David Quinney) Mt. Ogden looms above Snowbasin’s slopes. (photo: Marc Guido) How … Continue reading Snowbasin: Utah’s “Newest” Ski Resort

Powder Mountain: How Now, Pow Mow?

and Eric Krupka (November 2001) – The strange dichotomy that is Powder Mountain was perhaps best illustrated the day following our departure from this huge and relatively unknown resort. Hanging around The Red Pine Lodge at The Canyons, we spoke glowingly of “Pow Mow’s” merits to a cute yuppie couple sipping on lattés beside the … Continue reading Powder Mountain: How Now, Pow Mow?

Montana Snowbowl: Hardcore Hospitality

Missoula, MT – Spokane International Airport seemed a long time ago. Located very nearly on the border between the Mountain and Pacific zones, it was a whole time zone away. Grinding up the long, switchbacking gravel access road to the resort in the gathering darkness in our trusty rental Subie Outback, I thought back a … Continue reading Montana Snowbowl: Hardcore Hospitality

“The Best Danged All ‘Round Ski Resort in America”?

by Leigh Daboll Whitefish, MT – Let’s face it – there’s a bold statement contained in the above long-winded title. Nevertheless, after 30-odd years of skiing and visits to several score of North American ski resorts, I can at least feel somewhat qualified in making it. And, quite frankly, I can’t think of a more … Continue reading “The Best Danged All ‘Round Ski Resort in America”?