Feel the Force

Heaven & hell are one; in beautiful white hot flaming forests.
Waste no time in contemplation. Leap into the dream.


Author Matt Duffy feels the force in the Vermont woods of Smugglers' Notch (photo  Gary Duffy)

Author Matt Duffy feels
the force in the Vermont woods of Smugglers’ Notch (photo Gary Duffy)

Rush the glitter. Blow it up & out and send it swirling behind.
Don’t look back. Charge forward with all your might.
Feel it switch you on.
Let go of thought and glow.
Lash out in a rage of aggression.
Don’t stop; slash it up and send it scattering.
Look for tiny openings and blow them wide open. They’ll close back up behind
you and dare whoever is next.
Fly. Find impossible lines and force them to let you in.
Scream through those narrow slots full throttle.
With one arm forward and one arm back, twist to fit your shoulders through and
feel your hips rub as you pass through forbidding portals.
Do it so fast your eyes water.

Dive in at 100% and come up gasping for quick, short breaths before going back
Come up again in a plume of scattering smoke and yell at the top of your lungs.

Let this world know that you own it.
Demand long, free flights of falling.
Come down fast.
Stick and taxi.
Kick and fight.
Clusters of whips are rightfully yours.
Singe through them like a Tasmanian buzzsaw.
They whack, they give, they bend, break and crackle like matchsticks.
They put up a futile fight as you block, duck and take a few on the chin.
Burst through and the remaining ruins will wave good-bye after your passing.

The woods are your proving ground.
Burn them. Burn ’em all.

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