Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryers

There’s nothing worse than putting on damp boots.
So for years I dried my snowboard boots on the stove, letting the warmth
from the pilot light do its job overnight. Then I visited my buddy Pete’s
cabin in Whitefish. He had a Peet’s boot dryer. No more boots on the stove!

Peet's Electric Boot & Wader Dryer


The old standby of boot dryers. Inexpensive, works overnight.

25 year warranty! Nothing on earth comes with a warranty like that anymore!

By purchasing the additional wader and hip boot extensions or glove attachment,
you can put your dryer to work keeping all your gear dry

Available at Cabelas
$34.95 (great company, fun catalog, good returns policy) 1-800-237-4444
These are the people with the 2-stroke powered margarita blender for field
use. Ya gotta love ’em.

Also available at Madsdens $29.75 360-736-1336

Link to Manufacturer’s Home Page (no
retail sales)


If you’re a Ranger (USARMY), and
too broke to buy a $29.75 dryer, here’s an article in THE RANGER DIGEST on
to dry boots in your clothes dryer

Or you can just call me and I’ll
lend you the thirty bucks, pal!

Cadillac (Lexus?) of boot dryers. You can select heat or air only, and
it has a built in timer. Dry two pairs of boots or boot and gloves simultaneously.

$89.95 from DryGuy

PO Box 1102
Mercer Island WA. 98040


Who is this Mister Dry-Guy anyway?
How do you decide to make a living off of hot air?
Is this guy a retired politician?

ThermoAir Model DG-5ThermoAir
Model DG-5

Is it air only or air and heat? I dunno.

Benefits: 12V or 120, run in your car!

Dry gloves and boots simultaneous!

Ease of packing – fit inside your boots!

$59.95 from DryGuy


Man, if I have to cut my boots in half like that I’m not sure
I really want that dryer!
Putting ’em back together would be worse than rear-entry boots!

Kwik DryKwik
4-Pair Boot and Glove Dryer
00-426-4250 (right)

The Kwik 4-Pair boot dryers is designed for skiers, snowboarders and
sports enthusiasts who need fast, effective drying of their sport footwear
and gloves. The Kwik residential dryers are designed to dry wet gear in
the time it takes to have lunch. Most boots and gloves will dry completely
in 20 – 30 minutes. This firm also makes 12,14, and 44 pair dryers.


Williams Boot and Glove
also makes BIG commercial units 604 922 9825

Available from Reliable Racing $24.95 800-223-4448

REI 1-800-426-4840 has similar product (Happy
) for $28.00

Affordable boot dryers that movesair through convection. Provides air
that is heated to an average 30 degree F delta T resulting in a body temperature

Two 5″ x 1″ diameter tubes

Editor’s hint: Buy a power inverter to plug into your cigarette lighter,
and you can use these in your car so that you arrive at the ski area with
toasty, warm boots to put on!

 Probably one of the reasons skiers always have
cold feet is because the first thing they do each morning is stick their feet
into five pounds of padding and thermoplastic that’s room temperature or car
temperature, in either case at least 30 degrees LESS than body temperature.
So you’re asking your feet to warm the boots up rather than vice versa. That’s
why a 12V unit to warm your boots on the way to the ski area makes a ton of

Snap 12V

unit for your car. Small, lighweight, portable!

Available from Reliable Racing
$39.95 (good price!) 800-223-4448

Made right here in Colorado by a skier! SNAP dry products are manufactured
and distributed by West America Technologies, Inc., a Colorado Corp. The
company was founded in 1993 by Russell M Rice, and is located in Avon.
Colorado, in the heart of ski country U.S.A.

Probably the funniest thing my buddies and I ever saw was a car, ski rack on
top, and in the rack were two pairs of skis with the boots along for the ride.
It was 20 degrees out. What do you suppose the first thing these bubbas said
when they got on the lift?

The ThermanatorThe
Thermanator $79.95
from Reliable Racing 800-223-4448

Mud room, condo or wall mount, this radiant heating unit is great for
Alpine, Nordic or Snowboard boots and gloves. White gloss enameled steel
construction and on/off switch. Measures 11″ x 18″ x 25″. Some assembly

If you’re taking a hair dryer along skiing, why not just take two and stick
’em in your boots instead of buying a boot dryer, pal? Look for a hair dryer
which has a cold|warm|hot switch so you can use the cold setting to dry your
boots. Supposedly heat will dry out, crack, or cook the liner materials. You
might even be able to start a fire this way as well so it’s probably best to
leave them on the fireplace hearth or somewhere else that can’t burn.

Norwegian version of Dri-Stix$34.95
A Norwegian version
of Dri-Stix

1800 GO N RIDE

Here’s some that Appear
to be the same thing but $5 cheaper from Black Diamond Equipment 801.278.5533


how Magyver
dries his boots in the middle of East Nowhere using an Apex
(Primus) stove

SnapDry 120VSnapDry
120V $75

Air + Heat, 2 heat settings (I think)

SnapDry Online Store – hint, you’ll
find better prices elsewhere online! LIKE
HERE – $69



Air and POWERFUL fan, they claim


1 800 I-SNO-SKI

Very similar to SnapDry but tubes retract and arms fold so it collapses
into a smaller volume when you’re not using it! Looks like some kind of
European sexual appliance, doesn’t it?

Miracle Boot DryerMiracle
Boot Dryer

Both 12V and 120V, air only

What’s miraculous is the price, only $29.95.

Shoe ‘N Boot Dryer

Shoe 'n Boot Dryer$49.95 From West Coast Shoe

Air Only

503-543-7114 or 1-800-326-2711

Looks like an air-only version of the Peets. According to their website:
“This is the best way to dry all leather and rubber footwear as well as
leather and cloth gloves. The Shoemaker Dryer will dry all these items
and do it safely. Our dryer operates with a fan and purposely does not
contain a heating element, because direct heat will eventually ruin leather
and rubber. The fan in our dryer circulates room temperature air through
the article to be dried. It will thoroughly dry boots, shoes, etc. overnight
or sooner without running the risk of removing oils from the leather.
Just plug the unit into a household outlet.”

Home-made boot dryerHow
to build your own ski boot dryer

How to build your own snowboard boot dryer

Alright, it’s confession time. This is the one I built out of 1 1/2 ”
PVC pipe, a half-dozen fittings, some washing machine exhaust hose and
a $14 Wal-Mart hair dryer. Ya know what? All those friggin’ fittings cost
me more than a SnapDry or a Peets would have. So don’t be stupid.

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