(file photo: Mt. Hood Meadows)

Jake Bolland Named COO at Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood, OR – Oregon’s Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has named Charles Jake Bolland as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Meadows Chairman and CEO Matthew Drake made the announcement, saying “It gives me great pleasure to promote Jake to this position. Jake has an exceptional understanding of our operations and financial structure.  He also possesses the core values and solid leadership qualities to help guide and support our outstanding management team. With day-to-day operations in Jake’s very capable hands, I can focus more on future growth opportunities for our company.”

Bolland joined the Meadows team in 2009 as director of finance, and ascended to Vice President of Administration in 2013.  In his new position Bolland will oversee the day-to-day operations of Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Mt. Resort, working with the leadership team to develop strategic, financial and operational plans. Bolland will also serve on the company’s board of directors.

(file photo: Mt. Hood Meadows)
(file photo: Mt. Hood Meadows)

“I am stoked for this opportunity to lead our talented Meadows team that will continue to provide an exceptional resort experience for our loyal guests while developing new mountain recreational experiences for all who live in and visit Oregon,” said Bolland, 33. “Our pursuit of excellence will be balanced through community, environmental and economic stewardship while providing an awesome guest and employee experience at Mt. Hood Meadows.”

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Prior to joining Meadows, Bolland worked as a CPA for Ernst & Young, LLP, a global accounting firm.

Meadows simultaneously announced these recent appointments to the leadership team:

Monica Parker Director of Finance will oversee the accounting and finance activities of the company, providing insight into company business strategies and accounting for tracking capital projects and cash flow analysis, preparation and review of financial statements, external audit coordination, and 401(k) administration. Parker, a CPA, joined Meadows in 2013 as accounting manager and performed public accounting and auditing for the TKW firm.

Katie Kadlub Director of Business Development is responsible for revenue generation and partnership development for Mt. Hood Meadows. Kadlub directs the overall marketing and sales efforts aligning business development strategies with the Company’s experiential delivery systems. Kadlub joined the Meadows team as Sales Manager in 2012, having served as the Program Marketing Director at ClubSport Oregon, growing membership and engagement by developing and running recreation-based social programs. Kadlub also worked as a financial services officer for Bank of the West.

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Matt Troskey Director of Human Resources will oversee the care and strategic execution of Meadows’ biggest asset – it’s people. Responsibilities include recruiting, training, compliance, communication, and benefits. Troskey served in human resources for 15 years at Stevens Pass Mountain Resort, the last two as Vice President of Human Resources. Troskey’s leadership experience includes roles as a professional and volunteer Scouter, wilderness trip leader, outdoor educator, group facilitator and wild land firefighter.

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