Alex Ferreira competes in Tignes. (photo: Nico Schlosser)

Ferreira and Seaton Go 1-2 at Final World Cup Ski Halfpipe

Tignes, France – The American skiers had an excellent showing at the final FIS World Cup halfpipe of the season on Tuesday, with Alex Ferreira of Aspen, Colo. grabbing the top spot and fellow ColoradoanTaylor Seaton taking second for the men.

It was Ferreira’s first major podium of the year, and it was a big one—he topped Seaton by almost four whole points with his second run. The two Americans were joined on the podium by French skier Kevin Rolland, who took third.

Rolland was also awarded the crystal globe award for topping the overall 2017 FIS halfpipe standings. Aaron Blunck, of Crested Butte, Colo. was the top overall American halfpipe finisher for the year, coming in third; he was ninth in Tignes on Tuesday.

For the women, Annalisa Drew of Andover, Mass. was the top American finisher in Tignes with a fourth-place performance. She was also the top American finisher on the overall 2017 FIS points list, coming in third.

Marie Martinod won the women’s crystal globe for top FIS halfpipe points winner; she placed third in Tignes. Canadian Cassie Sharpe won the event and Japan’s Ayana Onozuka was second.

“We weren’t sure the finals were going to happen, as it snowed over two feet,” Sharpe said. “The crew did a great job of maintaining the pipe and around 4 p.m. the clouds parted and it was blue skies.”

Alex Ferreira competes in Tignes. (photo: Nico Schlosser)
Alex Ferreira competes in Tignes. (photo: Nico Schlosser)

Americans also making the final: Maddie Bowman (South Lake Tahoe, Calif.) was sixth; Birk Irving (Winter Park, Colo.) was seventh.

FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup
Tignes, France – Mar. 7, 2017

Men’s Halfpipe

Rank Name Nation Result FIS Points WC Points
 1 FERREIRA Alex USA  93.20  1000.00  100.00
 2 SEATON Taylor USA  89.40  800.00  80.00
 3 ROLLAND Kevin FRA  89.20  600.00  60.00
 4 VALENTIN Benoit FRA  89.00  500.00  50.00
 5 MACKAY Brendan CAN  82.40  450.00  45.00
 6 BOWMAN Noah CAN  79.20  400.00  40.00
 7 IRVING Birk USA  71.40  360.00  36.00
 8 GISLER Joel SUI  44.00  320.00  32.00
 9 BLUNCK Aaron USA  40.60  290.00  29.00
 10 D’ARTOIS Simon CAN  37.60  260.00  26.00

Women’s Halfpipe

Rank Name Nation Result FIS Points WC Points
 1 SHARPE Cassie CAN  90.80  1000.00  100.00
 2 ONOZUKA Ayana JPN  86.00  800.00  80.00
 3 MARTINOD Marie FRA  84.00  600.00  60.00
 4 DREW Annalisa USA  82.00  500.00  50.00
 5 CAKMAKLI Sabrina GER  71.40  450.00  45.00
 6 BOWMAN Maddie USA  67.20  400.00  40.00
 7 SIGOURNEY Brita USA  63.40  360.00  36.00
 8 GROENEWOUD Rosalind CAN  62.80  320.00  32.00
 9 HANSEN Abigale USA  59.00  290.00  29.00
 10 CHESHIRE Rowan GBR  56.60  260.00  26.00

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