FirstTracksOnline was founded in 1994 by Marc Guido, who grew up in New England and patrolled at Jay Peak for many years.   In 2005 he moved to the skier’s Promised Land of Utah, where he enjoys his Alta season pass (picture above). 

Tony Crocker, based in Glendale, California, wrote the October 1995 Powder Magazine cover story, Your Guide to Snowfall, which since 1996 has been expanded upon in the website bestsnow.net.

Tony became a regular contributor to the FirstTracksOnline Forum in 2001 and was its most active user by 2014.    While Marc continues to ski, his online efforts since 2018 have been devoted to his off-season hobby of RV Travel.   Tony retired from his actuary day job in 2010 and travels extensively, having skied 276 areas as of summer 2023.

In November 2021 Marc passed the FTO Managing Editor baton to Tony, who had the Forum converted to the more modern and secure Xenforo platform.   In 2022 Tony updated some of FTO’s non-Forum content, adding the new BESTSNOW Category linking to highlights of his snowfall and snow conditions analyses and expanding the CONDITIONS category to link to several useful ski reporting sites.

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